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Some Random Ass Shit

September 16, 2012:

Yes, this is a random. Play and sing along. After all, there are no boundaries when it comes to random day. I guess I need to unraval what is in my head. That should be fun.


So, Glee premiered the Season 4 episode. I did enjoyed the Americano/Dance Again attempt of Kate Hudson singing Spanish. I think as an artist, you should learn how to articulate correctly. True, some words I do not pronounce correctly but, Spanish is something I am a bit critical on. Hearing Alex Newell (Wade/Unique), Darren Criss (Blaine), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Heather Morris (Brittany) all facing each other singing Call Me Maybe to become “The New Rachel.” Truly, none of them can be the new Rachel. Sure Blaine has good control over his voice and Tina was “told” by Rachel that she will get more solos once she leaves. Never the less, I appreciated the cover but was not fond on it. I wanted Jake Artist keep singing because the song he was covering (which was Never Say Never by The Fray) seem so beautiful. I got inspired to actually write something. New York State of Mind and Chasing Pavements was beautifully done. Also, It’s Time sung by Blaine was amazing. I got inspired by this song as well. And almost cried. And introducing Brody, wow, he has a great physique. Interesting voice too. Overall, I rate it a 3.5/5 stars.


I also started to watching two new shows this week. One is called “The X Factor” and one is called “The New Normal.” “The X Factor” is a show like American Idol but it has some interesting perks that probarly other shows do not have. I am watching to see how judging can work just in case if I want to try. Sure, I work hard for my dreams. I am not going to back done. But some the auditions yesterday left in shock but in the same time, some left me wanting to smack the competition. Such as the overly obsessed fan of Britney Spears, the one who attacked the ladies and then Demi Lavato (yes, clearly she should had reword her comment a bit differently,) but still even with his “7 day a week voice training, he desperately did not want this from my eyes. We even got a glimpse of Britney’s first duet partner Mr. Don Phillip. I do not know what happen to his voice in ten years. I clearly can tell he went through a lot since he last saw Britney. After all, he was on the edge of suicide and finally came out. I am so proud of him to try and I wanted to hug him through the tears. Pissed me off that they cut so much of his story…


Now, about “The New Normal” I was interested to have an actual gay family be finally considered “normal” in this society. Of course, we got the group One Million Moms protesting against it and there’s nothing more that pissed me off than having the second episode air and the unaired pilot is on the web. Ugh! Then the site breaks down, etc. etc. etc.


Okay the reason why so late is because I had to eat lunch, try to do other things and I am trying to handle everything at once. Today Mexico beat Spain in 1810 if I remember my history serves me right. Finally, I can do something dealing with my culture. I miss my hometown every day…


I deleted a crazy 16 year old who wanted to have sex with me before. Yeah not going to happen.




Upside down/bouncing off the ceiling/inside out/stranger to this feeling/got no clue/what I should do… A*Teens in my head now….great….



I Can Not Believe…

It rang true last night…and also when I wrote it on September 30, 2012:

I can not believe I forget to write yesterday. But then again, I could. It was getting late at night,
my mother was out,
my older brother was out until early morning.
Talk about the craziness for one day…
And yet Wizard101 took over me like no tomorrow.
The sun will come out tomorrow
Oh great “Annie” is in my head…


Yes I am still beating my head
beating this drum because I forget to write here the other day.

So apparently, I am talked about at my old church.
Even the priest asked my brothers if I am ever going to get confirmed.

Okay, father…I am not. I am a spiritual man.
Not overrated religious guy…
And well I gave it up.

Oh hello,
I was trying to do random and poetry. I think it failed miserably, would you say lads? Haha

So I wrote a poem on April 30th called “The week is almost over.” I guess I am looking at the weekend. No idea why. I do not remember. So here’s a poem I wrote.

The Week Is Almost Over

I have not wrote one since like forever in time

but let me state what has happen in my life that I can call awful while everyone says it is your lost

Immigrant March tommorrow and can’t even skip school for it

Si se puedo bitch

but oh welll

My name is Orlando, no it is not…..but it sounds hotter than Paul

but who gives a fudge cake?

I finally got talked to by one of my friends who is on a cruise ship, thank whoever is up there he is safe

He is in Mexico which makes me jealous.

I have 11 blogs and this is my 12th

Maybe it will be a secret dairy

or not

Saw Matt, Work at Ethnic Fair Last Week

and well no medicine for 2 weeks

and already anger play a damn role

so…time to close….